Our mission, when we started, was to offer a wide range of fitness and dance classes for adults. We hope that you have enjoyed what we have offered over the last year, however as you may have noticed, the classes are not always as busy as we had hoped and often operating at a financial loss for Shaftesbury Fitness Studio.

We have not let this dampen our mission and we remain determined to offer you a range of classes, however the format within the studio will be changing where individual instructors, groups and companies will run there own classes/courses and workshops from Shaftesbury Fitness Studio.

Over July and August we have a number of instructors trialing classes of their own, introducing a variety of new styles of dance, fitness and martial arts to Shaftesbury Fitness Studio.  From September, we will have a variety of new children’s and adult dance classes being run by TLW Dance during term time alongside classes which are held at their new premises around the corner. We hope to confirm other classes from September in the near future.

We really hope that you will continue to support Shaftesbury Fitness Studio as without YOU we would not be able to keep the studio running. If you know of anyone who would be interested in hiring our studio then please pass on our details or pass their details onto us.

We are looking forward to a new chapter at Shaftesbury Fitness Studio.

Best Wishes
The Shaftesbury Fitness Team