Our facility has had a recent refresh and we have had to make a variety of changes to ensure we are complying with the government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations. You can take a look around our newly refreshed facility below in our photo gallery.

We are confident that we can provide a safe environment for all sports/fitness/dance classes/activities that are allowed to resume under the current government guidelines. We have been working with our own staff and those who rent out our studio space to ensure a safe return to Shaftesbury Fitness Studio.

Below is our COVID-19 POLICY for anyone entering our facility to take part in a class/activity.

Alongside the above, there are other COVID-19 Terms and Condition for those renting out the facility to ensure the safety of their participants which include:

A recommended maximum capacity of 10 participants to one instructor (or equivalent). The studio has been marked out with boxes to ensure everyone can social distance appropriately whilst in the studio.

As our kitchen facilities will be closed to members of the public.

Our foyer has had all soft furnishings and excess furniture have been removed. There are 3 chairs available for those who may need to sit down prior to their class/activity and to ensure everyone can social distance whilst in our foyer.

We ask all participants to come dressed ready for their class/activity with minimal belongings, arrive on time and by yourself

If you are bringing a child (over the age of 6yrs) to attend a class/activity we politely ask you to refrain from entering the facility. You may bring and collect your child from the doorway to ensure they safely enter and leave the facility (please ensure you are social distancing whilst waiting). For children under 6yrs parents/guardians may enter the facility however you will be required to adhere to our COVID-19 policy which includes wearing a face-covering and ensuring you are social distancing. We advise that other members of your family and siblings do not attend.

To find out the latest on advice and guidance for the physical activity sector please read the documentation on ACTIVE UK or on the GOVERNMENT WEBSITE.

To find out about the latest information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit the NHS WEBSITE.